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A Simulated Experiment in Fluorescence Anisotropy Measurement

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The FluAnisot educational software package is a fully contained tutorial on the technique of fluorescence anisotropy measurement as well as a simulator on which two experiments can be performed. The procedure for each of the experiments is also contained within the package along with example analyses of results that were obtained using the software.


Compiled Version

We have provided compiled versions of the application, one for Macintosh OSX and one for Windows systems. You will find it at:


The source code is available and can be compiled using LiveCode. A community edition of LiveCode is available at


The software is provided as a standalone application. Versions exist that run on standard Macintosh OSX or Windows environments. The software should be run in conjunction with a standard spreadsheet program for the plotting and labelling of the processed output data.

Recommended Systems

It is anticipated the software will successfully run on a wide range of Macintosh and PC systems. The following systems are examples of ones that have been successfully trialled: